Minutes Week 16Edit


  • Katie Green
  • Mariam Kauser
  • Mercy Polly
  • Mohammed Yusuf


  • Najma Ali
  • Robert Wasilewski
  • Rosanna Pillajo

What we discussed:Edit

Best Group to Target and Why?

- We decided to target TEENAGERS more closely rather than individuals already at University.

-This would make the age range between 16-19.

-Because it is just before they can vote or just as they are coming up to their first vote.

-Whilst in their private lives they are gaining a lot more independence. Making a lot more decisions daily, especially in terms of their future paths by choosing universities. We hope that this last choice will help us get a hook into interesting the students into politics.

(Found out through forums and online newpapers by Katie Green)

Think of a name and logo



other possible ideas:

  • Future.Vote
  • Vote.Future

Visual Look

The Logo as well Overall Look of the presentation must be BRIGHT and incorporate SHAPES and Styles that capture the interest of Young adults.

-Therefore we are going to look into 'Young advertisement campaigns' to gain ideas of what visually interests youths before we start etching out a logo.

Draft Surveys

Online tool, 'Survey Gizmo' website is a helpful tool.

We are going to plan out a survey and go round outside colleges or places where there is a high concentraton of young people in order to see what issues interest them, most. Before we go into colleges to present and effectively preach to them about ideas that may not interest them at all.

To Do For Next WeekEdit

Katie Green;- Set Up a Facebook Group. Research into Advertisements and construct Mood Boards

Mariam Kauser;- Draw up Surveys and Draft Letters to send out to Colleges. Research the Vote Referendum.

Mercy Polly;- Online Research into Youth Issues. To Set up a Facebook/Twitter accounts.

Mohammed Yusuf;- Contact his old College, Monarch's.

Final ResolutionEdit

Meeting for entire group on Thursday 17th February.

At 1.30pm Outside the Mansion.

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