Mintues for Higher Knife Crime Sentence:

Meeting 2 - 8th February 2011

Present: Keely McAlester, Matt Crennel, Sarah Scaife, Lottie Griffiths, Sam Pritchard, Pani Apostolou

Key Points & Discussions:

  • Everyone brought in their information that was set last week.
  • Questionnaire that Lottie created will be emailed to rest of the group to email onto friends/family to get the campaign out to the public more.

For Next Week:

  • Lottie: E-mail everyone the questionnaire
  • Pani: Get website information
  • Sam: Contact MP's and other sources to get publicity
  • Keely: Local knife crime charities and who to contact etc.
  • Matt: Group Wiki page
  • Everyone: E-mail the questionnaire onto friends and family and promote the facebook page

By Week 17:

  • Dossier:
  • Lottie: Intro
  • Pani: Key Facts
  • Sam: Who else is involved
  • Sarah: How could change happen
  • Matt: 1st proof reader
  • Keely: 2nd proof reader 19:40, February 13, 2011 (UTC)