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Education Maintenance Allowance also known as EMA is a ‘Scheme’ that provides young people between the age of 16-19 who chooses to continue in education at college or Sixth form after leaving compulsory school with an ‘incentive to earn award through good attendance.’ EMA has helped a lot of students through their education and most people has identified without the help of EMA they wouldn’t have been able to continue their Education.

Campaign issue:

This campaign is trying to address the issues surrounding the cut of Education maintenance allowance (EMA)

Aims of the Campaign:

The aims of this campaign is to raise the awareness and effects that the cut of EMA will have on students that are in full time education in college and also 6th form.

Target of campaign:

The campaigns target audience are those that are in 6th form and College and also those that are moving on from secondary school into college and 6th form.

Actions and tactics to achieve aim:

· Posters

· Facebook page

· Structured interviews

· Focus groups

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