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Mercy, Mohammed, Najma and Mariam

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Overall Issue of Campaign;

We are going to Target the youth of Britain in regards to Politics.

Target of Campaign;

The Target of the campaign was changed from Secondary school children, aged 11+, due to the issues involved in getting to campaign to them, or in direct contact with children of these ages. Also due to the possible financing of CRB checks.
The new Target is fellow university students as well as college students, who we feel will be more affected by the changing face of politics.


To help sensitise the youth of today and those of our generation into taking a stand in the political arenas,
To help them take a more pro-active interest and part in politics.
To try to make our generation realise that politics does play a huge part in their life and future.
Possibly through a new generational party.

Key Message;

Get our Generation Voting and more Pro-active. To give us a voice that is heard.

People and Groups to Support Key Message;

  • NUS
  • UCL
  • Politicians- Mainly Liberal Democrats as they target Youth Issues and are of a young leadership.
  • Fellow Students
  • College students.

Activity and Tactics to Achieve Aim;

We decided to leave this area vague as it is dependent on the research we are able to compile. A preliminary thought is of possibly setting up a party, however we realise this will be difficult given the time-scale.

To Bring into Seminar Next week;

  • Find Local Politicians who care about Youth Issues.
  • Work out how to get in contact with more prolific politicians, for example Minister of Higher Education the Right Honourable Michael Gove.
  • Find out more about 'The Really Free School' set up by UCL students.
  • Also for all the group to set up accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

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