-In Attendance: Rejoice, Clio, Kadine, Chimere, Kelsey

Absent: Rochelle

Apologies: Rochelle Apologised.

Points Discussed: *How we should structure campaign presentation. *Booking a time slot for the presentation. *If Rejoice could contact 'Smart Cookie' graphic designers to change posters. *Ways to attire uniforms to create awareness....colour coded? original t-shirts? *Ways to create awareness? Oxford Street and give out flyer...

Actions: *Chimere and Kelsey got in contact with Dominic Graham (head of magazine and radio), and asked him if he could let us have a segment in a radio show. *We distributed posters and flyers around University to hopefully create awareness of the campaign.

-Chimere-Keep on contacting Graham, and to ask Iyer (head of SU) to back us up

- Rejoice-Contact graphic design shop and ask them to change our order. And ask them for two seperate designs.

- Clio-Print off posters, sorting out white tee & jeans day to support our campaign and update facebook pages (

- Kelsey and Rochelle -Begin to film interviews, which could potentially be used in the presentation.

- Kadine- Editing wikia page, adding facts and references.

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