Issues Discussed:

1) Discussed the results of the survey that Charlotte, Marleen and Lauren done at Cat Hill and Ana and Julie done at the Wood Green halls.

Results from Cat Hill were:

Did you vote in the 2010 General Election?

14 said yes 16 said No.

Reasons people gave for not voting were:

"I did not know where to vote"

"I wasn't aware of the parties and what it was they wanted to achieve, so didn't vote"

"I wasn't old enough at the time"

"Im not really interested in politics to be honest"

22% of students are not registered to vote in Elections. Are you registered?

25 people said yes 5 said unsure.

"How do we know if were registered or not?"

"Are you not automatically registered?"

2) Spoke about people's reaction to the survey etc.

3) Put our results together.

4) Organised the printing out of leaflets.

5) Put posters up around Trent Park campus.

6) Decided when we are going to complete the second survey to decide the effectiveness of our campaign.

For next week:

1) Agreed to come in and put leaflets around campus once printed.

2) Update facebook pagee with pictures of us putting up the posters etc.


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