Minutes: WEEK 21Edit

Present: Pompilia Tudor, Sandra Bendlová, Tatiana Bizovová

Apologies: None

Meeting : 23.03.2011

Key discussion points and decisions :

This week we had the video presentation in the lecture and a meeting after. Being under very much time pressure and many things left to be done, we divided the rest of responsabilities between us.

Sandra is to handle printing the leaflets today or tomorrow the latest(400 in total, all three designs, with manifesto on the back).

Tatiana is to take care of printing the poster by Thursday that we will be sticking on the plancard (couldn't afford the banner we initially discussed about as the funding application was not done yet). She is also, together with Pompilia, to upload the missing meeting minutes.

Pompilia is to edit the presentation video based on Ben's and Sandra's suggestions and upload it on Facebook for approval and then on the wiki. She will also bring 20 badges that we will use for personalising our campaign by wearing them at the march together with any supporters.

Meeting extension:

Pompilia, Sandra and Tatiana spreaded leaflets around Cat Hill campus on Wednesday and invited students to the march.

Pompilia campaigned in Hendon campus on Friday by stalling in the Forum and promoting the march, giving out leaflets while inviting students to some tasty treats. At the same time on Friday, the run for last-minute printing of an A3 poster and badges stickers was done by Sandra.

Sandra attended the Rave Against the Cuts event in Hendon campus on Friday night and did some further advertising of the campaign and also projected a new version of the video presentation during the event.

The March for the Alternative event happened on Saturday. Pompilia, Sandra and Samira met in front of the National Gallery at 12 and attended the march and had some supporters too, altough much less than expected. One other campaign group came along to support as well.


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