Minutes: WEEK 17Edit

Present: Pompilia Tudor, Sandra Bendlová, Tatiana Bizovová, Samira Itani

Apologies: None

Meeting : 13.02.2011

Key discussion points and decisions:

After deciding online that the best decision is to campaign for mobilising students to the 26th of March national demonstration against public sector cuts, we sat together and considered all the other aspects such as: logo, name, ways of taking action, campaign details, manifesto, slogans etc.

We have decided (in theory) upon final designs of them and shared responsability in producing them during reading week and meet again afterwards and share impressions.

We also discussed the clothes once again and unique ideas about the presentation. Until after reading week, Samira is again assigned to find out how much are we going to pay for clothing and how can we apply for funding. The final decision is that Sandra is in charge with all the visuals and Pompilia & Tatiana with writing and research. According to these we will produce everything for after reading week.

Other points & next week's agenda:

We decided to have short online discussions during reading week too and track our progress with the work assigned.


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