Present: Pompilia Tudor, Sandra Bendlová, Tatiana Bizovová

Apologies: Samira Itani (family situation)

Meeting : 8.02.2011

Key discussion points and decisions:

Overall, we pretty much decided to campaign against the effects of the move to Hendon campus will have and lobby the Management in order to receive more information for students. We discussed information received about the new building, overcrowded teaching space, lack of tutorial rooms and last, but not least, the quality of teaching that we are getting as students at this university. ( Are we still going to be full-time students next year? How are lecturers going to cope with all that's been taken away?)

We were also discussing the clothes for our presentation and we came with an idea of boiler suits instead of the classical t-shirts. Until next week, Samira needs to find out how much are we going to pay and we are thinking about applying for funding as well.

Other points & next week's agenda:

The presentation of the Hendon move project is next week in Cat Hill Campus at 12.30 to 2.30 and we will all attend that. Steve Knight and the rest of management will explain the situation, so we are looking forward to find out more information there. We are also looking into how to obtain some evidence of promises given within the meeting so we can include that in our research.


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