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Ann-Marie McDonald

Matsiliso Mlambo


Ana Matos

Vipesh Lakharni

Ann-Marie :- Brief: The idea is to reach out to students in order to encourage them to quit smoking or rather reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke a day. Although tobacco is one of the major boosts for the economy. It is at people’s risk.

Advantages: -quitting saves money because the cost of cigarettes is quite demanding

Health problems are decreased Cleaner environment

The campaign in Britain to encourage individuals to encourage individuals to quit has been running for a while and some results have been seen, however the main purpose why this was the chosen choice of campaign is to each to the targeted individuals in university. Most of the anti – smoking advocates are under the NHS which students are less likely to go to the hospital for help to quit.

Most people smoke because it is a ‘social’ trend

Proposal :- Slogan Think before you pull, smoking is not cool.

These are just a few proposals, We need to make this campaign super exciting in order to get our numbers up for the campaign and also it will help in our follow up research.

Collection of pictures of people smoking, effects of smoking or not smoking. Stand where leaflets are given out on quitting smoking

Research from :

Quote ‘The Tobacco Manufacturers' Association said that smokers should be given sufficient information to make an informed choice over whether to smoke and which brand to use. ‘

-although this appears to be the T.M.A seems concerned with the health of individuals, that is merely on the surface as the detrimental health effects that are bound to affect the individual are the same regardless of the brand which they are using.

Statistics: According to the nhs in the national statistics:


Key facts

■In 2007, 21 per cent of adults aged 16 and over in England reported smoking, compared with 22 per cent in 2006 and 39 per cent in 1980. As with previous years men are more likely to smoke than women (22 per cent compared with 19 per cent).

■Almost a third of pupils (32 per cent) aged 11 to 15 in England in 2008 reported having tried smoking at least once and 6 per cent were regular smokers (smoking at least one cigarette a week). Girls were more likely to smoke than boys; 11 per cent of girls have smoked in the last week compared with 8 per cent of boys.

■Around two thirds (69 per cent) of adults aged 16 and over in Great Britain in 2008/09 reported that they do not allow smoking at all in their home, an increase from 61 per cent in 2006. Four in five people (81 per cent) agree with the smoking ban in public places.

■Around 440,900 hospital admissions among adults aged 35 and over in England in 2007/08 are estimated to be attributable to smoking. This accounts for 5 per cent of all hospital admissions in this age group.

■Around 83,900 deaths (18 per cent of all deaths of adults aged 35 and over) in England in 2008 were estimated to be caused by smoking.


further research and update smoking statistics: 2010

  1. £16.3 billion was estimated to be spent on tobacco in 2009.

  1. DEATHS- Around 81,400 deaths (18% of all deaths of adults aged 35 and over) were estimated to be caused by smoking.

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