Minutes for Health and Safety

Meeting:07 March 2011

Present: Lewis Oakley, Holly Case, Lauren Clark, Amira Haroen

Key Discussion Points and Decisions:

· Finishing off the Flyer and changing details

· Corresponding via Facebook group of when to launch the campaign

· Waiting for the badges to arrive and receiving badges on the 10.March

· Trying to meet at Leicester Square for launching only Lauren, Holly and Amira involved

· Not meeting as not everyone is involved and preparation is bad

· Trying to get in touch with everyone but only getting slow response

· Buying 180 Condoms

Other : A meeting is always to be held one hour before the seminar class, meeting point is the library.

Next week’s meeting agenda:

· Trying to get everyone to meet up next week to launch the campaign on St. Patricks day

· Taking pictures

· Printing more Flyers

· Sorting our Facebook and twitter

· Posting the minutes and sorting out Wikia

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