Making of the Video

To help raise awareness of Cervical Cancer we decided to put together a short 3 minute video which will be a youtube link that can be displayed on our wiki and facebook campagin pages. Our group decided the video will be made up of flashing images. The images are based around our independent ideas including the anomonous ladies making a heart shape with there hands and also the facts and quotes we found.

Danika and Georgina came up with the idea of purchasing big A2 sheets of paper and writing the facts and quotes onto the paper. We chose pink paper to keep with the theme of feminine colours with black bold writing so viewers can read the quotes quick and easy.

Danika and Georgina then met up in a rural area so there would be no distractions around them and viewers would only have the quotes to focus on and not anything else in the background. Georgina came up with the idea that during the video the quotes could be quite distant and then become closer and closer so the viewers can't really read the quotes at first but the quote get closer and clearer. So Danika and Georgina took it in turns to hold the oneof the cards up while the other took the picture.

Heres an example:
IMG 0146

We have over 60 photos to add to the video with 5 facts and 3 quotes on

IMG 0147
IMG 0149

IMG 0150

IMG 0153

IMG 0154

Written and Published by DanikaBrehenyMDX 14:47, March 21, 2011 (UTC)