WE ARE MCMILLAN CANCER RESEARCH HPV and cancer of the penis Some research studies suggest that high-risk HPV, especially type 16, is a possible cause of cancer of the penis, although its exact role in the development of this type of cancer is not clear. There is no established HPV test for men, and many men will never know that they have HPV infection of the penis. Because of this, it is important that men are aware of the early signs of penile cancer.

Cancer of the penis is rare and approximately 600 men are diagnosed with it each year in the UK. It can often be treated very successfully if it is diagnosed early. Many of the symptoms of penile cancer can also be symptoms of other conditions, but should always be checked by your GP or a sexual health doctor.

Symptoms of cancer of the penis include:

· a change in colour of the skin of the penis

· thickening of the skin of the penis

· a growth or sore, especially under the foreskin

· discharge and bleeding.