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Meeting 5 Minute

Date: 21st February 2011

Present: Monde Zama, Letoria Harris, Jerdenne Wilson, Ruth Oluwadare

Apologies: Suad Ali


1. Decide tasks for next week

2. Discuss exactly what to do in Hendon

3. Get advice from guest speaker

4. See progress on logo

5. Discuss promotion strategies


Tori said that her friend had begun producing the logo and would have it finished for us by Friday. The group decided to invest in a badge maker also which would have our logo on it and could possibly be handed out at the event. The suggestion was mad by Monde.

Suad said she was now producing the poster in Photoshop after the hand drawn prototype. .

Jerdenne suggested that the group could go to the near-by college in Southgate and give a talk to boys in an assembly style about HPV.

The group agreed that this could be done.

The guest speaker came to give advice.

Our campaign was used as an example and he talked us through it about how it could be successful.

We were told who to target and how eg. The Government through email or lobbying.

He also said petitions were a good way.

He also said we could measure the success of our campaign by how many people sign the campaigns and do something about it like writing to their local MP etc.

The group decided they would write to the government via the health secretary.

We will also try and set up several meetings with doctors etc. to try and get their say on the matter.

Tasks for next week:

· Compose letter to health secretary

· Complete funding form

· Have logo, poster and petition composed

· Visit Hendon central clinic

· Write up minutes

Date of next meeting: 28th February 2011

Jerdenne Wilson MDX 21:44, February 22, 2011 (UTC)