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About our campaign

UK farmers who supply supermarkets are not receiving a fair price for their produce and are under extreme pressure to meet the supermarkets rigid demands. There is an awful lot of food going to waste because the relationship between demand and supply is not balanced. Supermarkets demand products that look flauntless and have high quality. Our most dominant supermarket in UK is TESCO. It is so powerful that it controls demand and quality (Currently it is estimated that 88% of all UK food is sold through a small handful of supermarkets with Tesco being the market leaders (Norman Baker March 2004) and therefore is becoming a real threat to small farmers. They go bankrupt because all farming equipment cost a lot of money, but supermarkets are keeping their prices down. Small farms have to borrow money to survive, rich landowners get richer, but only by overproducing.

We are targeting TESCO, because it is the fourth largest retailer in the world and UK’s biggest supermarket chain.It has a market share of 30% in UK, so it is more powerful than you would think.

Our campaing issue is that TESCO as well as other supermarket chains throw away huge amounts of food every week. Even if it has a small defect on it, it goes to bin. Lots of overproducing is being done.
Furthermore, continuing this’big-business’ has a dramatic effect on our growing population. More food equals more people, which is exhausting to the Earth.

We want to raise the awareness about Tesco throwing away huge amount of food, most of which is still edible. We suggest that everything that goes into bins can stay on reduce shelves for longer period of time, so that people will have time to buy and consume it. Or Tesco may give this edible, but out of date food, to someone who really needs it.