Key Facts

c) NSPCC Bullying Statistics (Web Link)

d) From the statistics relating to the (10-14) age group, I've drawn a few conclusions and found areas in which I aim to look into more closely.

Firstly "30% of children did not tell anyone that they had been bullied." This percentage tells me that 30% of bullies aren't being being revealed and as a result the bulling will continue if they are not exposed and counselled.

In oder to make a change I will speak to students in confidence and find the reason why they choose not to reveal that they're being bullied. Courage is something that I believe is very importsnt it's also something that youth's might lack. Some bullies are un aware of their actions so havimg them know the affect of thier ctions should also help.

Research with 11 to 19 year olds found that 1 in 5 young people "(20%) had experienced bullying or threats via e-mail, internet chatroom or text message" These stats show me that there will be a great challenge in this campaign as to how to target 'internet bullies'. Targetting internet bullies will be difficult because we will not know whom exactly to target. However teaching youths how to protect themselves on the internet will be vital.