Initial Campaign Strategy DocumentEdit


Campaign Issue

We are campaigning for a better recycling scheme in Enfield, concentrating on the flats above shops which at the present time have none.

Aim of Campaign

Speeding up the process of creating a recycling scheme for the flats above shops in Enfield, raising recycling awareness and try to inspire environmental involvement.

Key Message of Campaign

Recycling should be a habit everyone have and it must be available for everyone who wants to do it.

Target of Campaign

The targets of this campaign will be the local authorities as well as residents in Enfield.

People and Groups to Support Key Message

We are planning to try and get neighbourhoods in Enfield to support our campaign by raising awareness.

Actions and Tactics to Achieve Aim

Collecting signatures from the residents of Enfield, creating flyers (and maybe bake cup-cakes and hand them out with the flyers), cleaning up a local park that needs it and recycle the rubbish (we will try and recruit students/friends for this).

Resources Needed

Recycle-bins, garbage-bags, gloves etc. We are applying for funding for the flyers and the equipment we need for cleaning up a park.

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