Names of group members:

Sara Ronne and Clarissa Dibb.

Campaign Issue:

Students sometimes needs to stay at university for many hours (or just a few) and then it's crucial to have a snack during the day. Very many students turn to the "easy" option, such as chocolate and crisps. We want to take action and make the option of healthy food more available for students, and show them why it is better to chose healthy, and also where they can find it.

Aim of campaign:

We are going to have an awareness campaign about the importance of eating healthy, and also where students can find that healthy option at Trent Park campus, which we ourselves have found out to be quite difficult.

Key message of campaign:

Fruit and vegetables is a healthier option, and is better for your body and mind, especially when you are studying, and it doesn't have do be expensive or hard to find!

Target of campaign:

Students at Middlesex University.

People and groups to support key message:

We are going to try and get in contact with:

  • Organizations who supports our issue, such as NSH.
  • Jamie Oliver (if possible) to support our campaign.

Actions and Tactics to achieve aim:

Create a page on different internet portals, such as Facebook, wiki, youtube and maybe (if necessary) create a blog, twitter and/or buy a domain.

Make a short film (about 30-60 second), with our message. By making a fun and "hip" film we can reach our targeted group more easily and spread our message. (The film will be uploaded on youtube, facebook, wiki, and possibly our domain page, if we decide to create one) To learn more about the film, press HERE

Make a poster/flyers to spread our message and hand out/hang it at Trent Park. We also might make a "map" to show where students can find healthy food.

We will give out free fruit to show students that healthy is just as good (if not better in our opinion) than unhealthy. We also might make a t-shirt for us to wear.

We (might) also have a day where we gather all the students who want to join and show them where they could find healthy food.

Resources needed:

We need support of people, organizations and other universities.

To make film/to make poster:

  • camera
  • computer
  • editing software
  • fruit for the animation film
  • printer (to print the posters/flyers)

To hand out fruit:

  • get free fruit (contact supermarkets)
  • get work force.

our own brilliant minds.