Minutes for Health Issues Campaign Group

Meeting: 25.01.2011

Present: Deborah Santos, Katrina odum-McQueen, Dorota Pikul, Milda Mackeviciute, Anouk Beijleveld, Natasha Artwell.

Apologies: Kamilija Traskina

Key Discussion Points and Decisions:

· All agreed to campaign on health issues

· Private or NHS?

· Anorexia, domestic abuse, care worker responsibilities, weight – bad diets, depression

· Research health issues options

Other notes: While researching consider who would be our main contact and how we would contact them

Next week’s meeting agenda:

· Pre-seminar meeting, Tuesday 1.02.2011 10:30am

· Decide on specific campaign topic within health issues

· Group nameHungry Hippos Minutes 25.01.2011