Online meeting - Duration 2 Hours


Natasha Artwell









Individual Tasks

Following on from our last campaign meeting we were set individual tasks to carry out:

Where we currently are with our individual tasks:

Anouk has completed the petition letter (Anouk will bring this to our next meeting) - everyone to proof read and sign before we send to the House of Commons.

Natasha has researched MP's particularly in the health sector that the petition would be best suited to go to - please see in 'Hungry Hippos Contacts' and has added a new link to the UK's top webhosts

Kamilija - petition not yet completed however will be completed by Tuesday and posted on wiki so all group members can access and gather signitures so we can enclose in our letter

Dorota has had problems with creating groups on social netwoking sites but will look into how to structure and use these sites to create a fully working campaign page

We do not know where other group members are on their individual tasks - to be discussed as a group


Natasha to chase previous nutritionists and contact new nutritionists for professional information on anorexia

Anouk to draft a letter for webhosts

Kimilija to have petition template for next meeting- Tuesday 15th Mach 2011

Dorata to research the best way to have and create a fully working web page for our group which allows more interaction with group members


Petition must be completed by Tuesday 15th March in order for us to have enough time to get signitures and send out with our letter

All group member to discuss who will be presenting our campaign meeting


Tuesday 15th March 2011 at 3:30pm - meeting outside the mansion

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