Anouk Beijleveld

Kamilija Traskina

Milda Mackeviciute

Natasha Artwell

Dorota Pikul



Katrina McQueen

Things which we discussed at seminars:

-facebook page about anorexia (plan how to do it)



-form, which we need to fill up next week

-tasks, how we will share it

-key message

Facebook page (Milda came with this idea and this is her task) plan:

-explanation what is anorexia

-advices to people which may have anorexia, how to deal with it and where to look for help

-show accessibility of anorexia tips web sites

-websites link to this kind of pages, with warning that it can be shocking

-idea of cross photo of anorectic girl

-create discussion about anorexia

Tasks which we shared:

-Natasha: talk with nutrition’s and get useful information

-Milda: create a facebook group

-Anouk: find which people we should contact with about this topic and to whom we should sent a letters

-Debra: check anorexia clinics

-Kamilija: petition writing

-Katerina: check how porno website manage to get warning that over 18s allowed only

-Dorota- get statistics about anorexia tips websites

Everybody should think about slogan and key message! Brainstorm!

Next meeting :

-15.02.11 Tuesday at 3:30 at Trent Park Bar( opposite to the bus stop) and we should bring our finished tasks.

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