If you have any ideas about possible names, slogans and/or emblems for our campaign group then please upload them here and share them with the others!

Name ideas:

1) Contra -Ana. --> Since we are campaigning against so called pro - ana sites. (Pro = for, contra = against).

Slogan ideas:

Fight against the uprise of anorexia.

Starve the Pro-Ana websites.

You have the right to be proud of your curves.

love your body/curves.

Emblem ideas:

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Draped veiled woman funeral s hi

A greek woman: very beautiful, but not aloud to be proud of her body (she needs to veil it). In the Roman and Greek times they loved 'voluptuous women.

Titian Venus

Venus, the godess of love and desire. And not precisely thin....(As the Roman and Greek did consider a voluptuous woman very sexy and desirable).

An abstract woman body, quite voluptuous again. NB: this is a copy of somebody's work so we cannot use this image. But if we want to we can use it as inspiration.

AnoukBeijleveldMDX 15:06, February 21, 2011 (UTC)