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We are 7 first year students from Middlesex University who strongly feel the need to raise awareness to young

Here And Aware breast cancer campaign cupcakes!

women about breast cancer. Breast cancer is something that affects all women. And we feel not enough young women know enough about this disease. It's a fatal disease if not detected early and want women to realise its important to check yourself and be checked regularly by your local GP.

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To raise awareness about breast cancer to young women aged between 18-30 about the complications, and how to detect any signs of having it. We are campaigning to make women realise its not only middle aged women who can be affected by breast cancer and that it is vital to get checked up at a local GP.

Actions and targetsEdit

  • Questionnaires
  • Research
  • or Twitter
  • MUD magazine and MUD radio
  • Facebook group
  • petitions
  • creating a website
  • blogging/videos on Youtube

Particpating In Other Campaigns

Here and Aware weekly minutes

Research Dossier BCC

Facebook group

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