In attendance:Edit

  • Mariam Kauser
  • Mercy Polly
  • Mohammed Yusuf
  • Najma Ali
  • Robert Wasilewski


  • Katie Green
  • Rosanna Pillajo

Points DiscussedEdit

We dicussed tailoring the campaign to fight for "lowering the age for voting to 16".

Najma revealed that the tour of parliament was scheduled for May making it too late to be a part of our campaign. However she will also talk to her ex-principal at Lea Valley High School, about going into the 6th form to get input/to present without the need for CRB checks.

Mohammed will also talk to his school Sir George Monoux School.

We discussed possibly not including the Alternative Vote argument, as many college students won't be able to participate in this, and also it is a very confusing subject to put across to possibly disinterested students.

Input & Discussion With Richard George:Edit

We must:

  • Educate ourselves abotu our cause
  • Think of the arguments we could be faced with, especially from MPs and public members.
  • Get the Public Interested in our Issue
  • Then channel the issue. Possibly through flyers on which there are MP details, or the websites or
  • Think About Organising a day on which we go to our local MP with members of the public. (However if the Mp is already persuaded to help with our cause it is best to forgo this step and go to the next stage.)
  • Think about how we can measure the success of this campaign, did they join a march? a Facebook group? Or a petition?
  • We need to draw up a plan of stages, to know where we are and where we are going. Also, so we can tick off what we have done and what still needs to be done.


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