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What We Want: In 2008, the UK government, along with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and seven supermarkets agreed to a voluntary approach to cut the number of single-use bags given to customers by 50% by spring 2009.

In May last year, Wrap reported that retailers had cut the number of single-use bags by 48%, falling short of the target. The Government felt that this was good enough progress and allowed the voluntary code to continue without making a tax on bags compulory. The Goverment then went on to say that progress would be assesed again in 2010, without setting an actual target for the companies to work towards.

What we want to do is change this. We want the Government to set a new target and make it compulsory for all businesses! In the hope that eventually Carrier bags (plastic and paper) will become a thing of the past.

Why Plastic is bad for environment?

Plastics are great enemies of the Planet: polluting the environment, pollute ecosystems and accumulate in landfills around the globe, causing losses and incalculable damage also take to long for decompose about 400 years during this time of decomposition the plastic gives off toxic substances into the atmosphere.

Furthermore what most people do not know is that besides being an enemy of the green, plastic is also an enemy of your health. AS we know plastics are made by many type of substances one of those substances calls Bisphenol A , also commonly referred to as BPA, and is an organic biological which is the essential basic building block intermediate for high performance polymer plastics and coatings, mainly polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins.Chemical usually found in packaged foods and beverages, is mainly used in plastic products as cups, food containers, water bottles and soda bottles and baby.


Research has shown that it can be found in the bodies of more than 90% of the population and there is evidence that contamination is related to bisphenol damage to health as reproductive and hormonal disorders, obesity, brain development, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

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