Attendance: Sonia Islam, Belina Juggapah

SoniaIslamMDX 22:30, April 24, 2011 (UTC)

BelinaJuggapahMDX 22:32, April 24, 2011 (UTC)

Apologies: kemi, vanessa,chandni,cash, dana

Process of finishing the bilboards, collage, badges, pencils, petitions, student stories, posters, saches and leaflets.

The bilboards card was hand painted bright, bold colours and were added to make our campaign more noticeable and stand out in the presentation and demonstration showing our materials we were using and merchandise we gave away to attract attention.

The reason for giving away cupcakes was to appeal to our targets so get them interested and therefore willing to conversate with us, they were used for our demonstration and came in quite useful, they created a friednly atmosphere. We found that without them people seemed reluctant to talk to us. It was also useful tactically as parents with kids would stop for a cupcake for their child, this enabled us to tell them the difficulties they may face as there child grew up without the support of ema.

The same goes for the merchandise we customised and gave away, they attracted attention, understood our campaign and reasons, gave their own opinion and asked them to spread the word which they seemed willing to do. We all wore matching saches that showed us working as a team and belonged to a campaign, it was obvious for which as our campaign name 'Uncut Ema' was written boldly at the front and back.Our campaign overall was genrally a success due to the effort the few group members put in.