Thousands and thousands of women survive breast cancer and go on to do what they can to help others survive and to make movements in cancer treatments and awareness. Cancer can effect anybody and here are some well known women who have been diagnosed and survived breast cancer:

Kylie MinogueEdit

Kylie m2
Australian singer and actress, Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at the age of 36. She was initially misdiagnosed but luckily decided to be tested for a second time before she was diagnosed with the cancer and had the chance to overcome it.

Kylie endured a number of treatments on her way through surviving breast cancer, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and even a partial mastechtomy. By February 2006 the end of what Kylie has often described as a dark time in her life was near.

The star is now 5 years in remission of breast cancer and is well, but there are fears she may not be able to concieve children due to effects of the treatment she endured, and she is now urging women to ensure they have children as well as doing her part to raise awareness - notably, last year she took apart in aFashion Targets Breast Cancer awareness campaign, in which she done a raunchy photoshoot alongside other celebrities including Sienna Miller etc.

After Kylie's very public experience of brest cancer the number of women being tested had increased and continues to because of the efforts of women like Kylie in putting the message out there about breast cancer and how it acn effect any woman, young, old, healthy, or not.