Minutes of Meeting; Eat Smart, Keep Fit Campaign

Campaign Meeting 8 on 21/03/2011

Present: Joe Perkins, Kavita Oughera, Tove Selas, Bogdana Budianu, Ewa Nyklewicz, Karolis Duoba

Apologies: Jaroslaw Chajdus

Key Discussion Points and Decisions:

  • The group presented how many signatures they managed to collect from the petitions, in which roughly we collected together 90 signatures within just few hours.
  • Currently for our Facebook like page we have collected 63 likes, which this page has only been active for 3days.
  • Presentation; was briefly discussed and the group must meet at 12pm. To make sure that we are prepared. Bogdana has agreed to wear a Bugg’s Bunny outfit which represents children and healthy eating.
  • Everyone in the group will design leaflet ideas and posters designs which we will present to the group on Wednesday 23rd March.
  • T-shirts were discussed in which Kavita will buy the t-shirts on Thursday ( 4 Medium t-shirts and 3 Small t-shirts)
  • As a group we decided the Demonstration needs to be after our presentation, in which we make the decision that the best date for this would be the 4th April at 2pm near Southgate Highstreet.
  • Kavita mentioned making stickers (roughly 40-60) in which we could hand out during our presentation.

Next Week’s meeting agenda:

  • Next Meeting; (Wednesday 23rd March) Leaflets and Poster design agreed on.
  • Presentation and T-shirts completed - Monday 28th March 1.20pm
  • Demonstration Agenda organised- Monday 4th April at 2pm

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