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Eat Smart Keep Fit

Minutes of Meeting ; Eat Smart, Keep Fit Campaign

Campaign Meeting 7 on 14/03/2011

Present: Joe Perkins, Kavita Oughera, Tove Selas, Jaroslaw Chajdus, Bogdana Budianu, Ewa Nyklewicz, Karolis Duoba

Apologies: None

Key Discussion Points:

  • Logo
  • Petition
  • Presentation
  • Council letter

Short description:

  • We started by disccusing the next steps that we are going to take. The main aim is to choose a logo. A decision was made that this will be done until wednesday night ( 16/03/11).
  • Another point was to start getting signatures for our petition. By dividing into groups and choosing different areas we made this as productive as we can. Kavita made petition sheets and we will be printing them out and using to collect information.
  • Joe did a sample presentation and we all decided that the next step is for everyone to view it, say their opinion and add something of their own.
  • We were disccusing to whom should we send our petition and how can we make it as strong as possible. The decision was to collect as many signatures for our petition as possible and send the letter to a few different people such as Enfield Council and MP. Kavita found out the MP for Enfield, Southgate is David Burrowes in which his topics of interest are Justice, Health, Home dept, Foreign and Commonwealth affairs, Children, Schools and Families.
  • WriteToThem; Joanne McCartney who is Enfield and Haringey London Assembly Member represents you on the London Assembly. (11 more below) Areas covered include the Mayor's budget, culture, sport and tourism, health, planning, transport, and trunk roads.
  • Kavita came up with the idea to write a letter to Enfield Local Newspaper- for the letters page!

Next Week’s meeting agenda:

  • · Petition signature collection done by the next meeting.
  • · Choosing a logo and using it everywhere we can. ( Flyers, Facebook group, Petition, T-shirts, Wiki page)
  • Start puting our presentation together- DEADLINE FOR PRESENTATION IS 28th MARCH 1.20pm!

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