Minutes of Meeting; Eat Smart, Keep Fit Campaign

Campaign Meeting 10 on 28/03/2011

Present: Kavita Oughera, Tove Selas, Jaroslaw Chajdus, Bogdana Budianu, Joe Perkins and Ewa Nyklewicz.

Apologies: Karolis Duoba

Key Discussion Points and Decisions:

- Flyers, Posters and T-shirts went well!

- As a group we discussed how well we did in our presentation.

- We agreed for the Demonstration that we will need an agenda. To inform everyone the plan of action and what we aim to do!

- We spoke about possible questions in which we can annoy the fast food places with such as (feel free to add any more questions);- Salt- Being allergic - Calories- pretending to be on a diet-Which burger has no more than 300 calories? - How is your food cooked?Are you using fresh oil?Are the ingredients fresh or frozen? - Healthy eating; what is offered? - Being a Vegetarian/Vegan and wanting to eat healthy

Next Week’s meeting agenda

- Discuss how well the demonstration went

- Make sure we have all supported 3other campaign groups

- Work on letter to MP and local Council

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