Minutes of Meeting; Eat Smart, Keep Fit CampaignEdit

Campaign Meeting 4 on 14/02/11

Present: Joe Perkins, Kavita Oughera, Jaroslaw Chajdus, Ewa Nyklewicz, Tove Selas

Apologies: Bogdana

Key Discussion Points and Decisions:Edit

  • Kavita had different suggestions for the group name and slogan.

- The proposal that was best liked were:

Slogan: Eat, play and be healthy

(Group name: Healthy eating in school)?

- The slogan and group name is not decided yet, we can change it later.

  • Joe and Tove have visited various local schools.

- It turned out that the Enfield council runs many of the local schools meals, so they already have healthy menus. So can we really make these menus even healthier?

  • A new idea (from Joe) that was brought up was that instead of targeting schools, we could target the local shops or fast food restaurants. The problem with healthy eating for kids is not during school time, but after school.

- The idea is to stop the shops to sell sweets or fast food for kids in school uniforms.

- This idea will be presented to the council.

- We can maybe get support from other groups that focus on healthy eating for kids.

- Local events can be arranged to get support from the local people.

  • The idea of Marketing and Advertising aimed at children was also raised.
  • Everyone in the group voted yes on the local shop topic. One member of the group was not present.

- A decision was made that unless under extreme circumstances, no decisions voted by the majority would be overturned.

Next week: Everyone will do some research on the ‘new’ topic. Everybody will contribute to the "Research Dossier" which has to be completed by Sunday night.

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