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Minutes of Meeting; Eat Smart, Keep Fit Campaign

Campaign Meeting 9 on 23/03/11

Present: Joe Perkins, Kavita Oughera, Tove Selas, Bogdana Budianu, Karolis Duoba,

Apologies: Jaroslaw Chadjus and Ewa Nyclewicz

Key Discussion Points and Decisions:

The group met up to discuss and finalise design ideas and relevant information for the leaflet and flyers. Bogdana enters. Potential ideas posted on the facebook group page were looked through until one was deemed worthy, chosen and edited to our liking. A leaflet cover was chosen before attention turned to a poster. Hunger and the ‘Karolis effect’ began to set in and procrastination occurred; the “waka waka baby” was watched in an attempt to inspire the group. The poster design was eventually finished and posted to the FB group page.

Next up was the information to go on the leaflet but talk of dominoes pizza floated around which caused minds to wander and – in one case – drooling to occur (Bogdana’s name will not be mentioned). The information was decided upon using relevant points from our own research and some national statistics, kept to a minimum, which Tove agreed to add to the leaflet.

Finally work began on the presentation for the proceeding week. A previous base posted on the wiki page was used to work around and the group agreed to begin working on the powerpoint in their own time and send it in turn to the other members to adjust and edit. Using a tested method the group decided on the role of each person within the presentation; these are as follows.

1. Bogdana; to use her natural bunny-like-beauty to hop around and hand out petitions for our audience to sign.

2. Ewa; to show off the flexibility in her fingers by button-bashing the slides through or to be the master of who says with her control of the powerpoint.

3. Jerry; to act as Elmer Fudd and follow Bogdana around also handing out petitions and pens.

4. Joe; to be the final speaker in the presentation

5. Tove; to be the first speaker in the presentation

6. Karolis; to follow Tove’s wonderful introduction and be the second speaker in the presentation.

7. Kavita; to be the mistress of all things creative and use her presenting skills to aid the presentation by holding up flyers/posters/leaflets.

Next weeks agenda

  • Organise demostration
  • Improve council letter and the correct people to contact

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