Agenda for demonstration Monday 4th AprilEdit

  • · We will meet slightly before 2pm- outside Southgate Tube Station
  • · Wait for people to arrive,
  • · Socialise and appreciate attendance of people
  • Ice breaker- motivate the whole group!- Candy game; instead candy change to fruit sweets or a simple game such as first person to annoy a fast food place gets a free burger and a beer. This doesnt include group members of Eat Smart, Keep fit. But the cost will be divided between us 7?
  • · 2.30pm; perform headcount,
  • · Introduce formally who we are to the crowd and what we are here to do and to achieve,
  • · Explain how we aim to do those things, bug the shops by asking lots of questions preventing them from serving for a while, everybody to ask a few questions, without being abusive take up as long as possible. Emphasis on those not ‘ordering’ (used loosely) to talk loudly and make things more difficult that way.
  • · 2.40-2.45pm; Split into 2 smaller groups (depending on size) and assault smaller fast food places, making a point of not hitting the ‘big’ chains until later and do the things listed above.
  • · Idea is to be in Mcdonalds at around half past 3 and the top end of the highstreet where the children come from to stop them getting fast food.

BogdanaBudianuMDX 16:00, April 14, 2011 (UTC)