MInutes of meeting: Eat Smart, Keep Fit Campaign

Campaign Meeting 6 on 07/03/2011

Present: Budianu Bogdana, Ewa Nyklewicz, Kavita Oughera, Joe Perkins and Karolis Duoba

Apologies: Tove Selas and Jaroslaw Chajdus

Key Discussion Points & Decisions:

The main focus was:

  1. To come up with ideas for a logo to urgently put on the community page and leaflets;
  1. To do research for facts in Southgate and make statistics;

Second were:

  1. Do the leaflets;
  2. Get signatures;
  3. Make the 3 minutes presentation;
  4. Make T-shirts with our logo on them- Kavita has agreed to make these;
  5. Protest at Mcdonalds and along Southgate Highstreet with the support of 3 other groups;

Other discussions:

  • The online petitionmade by Joe in which Kavita has linked it to Facebook like page;
  • Kavita showed the petitions in which we will try to collect as many signatures as possible. This will help to support our letter to the Enfield's Council.
  • About the example of leaflet which Bogdana and Kavita worked on;
  • We all agreed that we needed a slogan: 'A healthy mind in a healthy body';


Ewa and Bogdana went to a secondary school in Southgate called Ashmole Academy were they interviewed the children in uniform and without. They found out that 16 year olds do not wear uniforms and can get out of the school area during breaks. 4 out of 5 children said that the food in school is tasteless and that they prefer Fish & Chips. Ewa and Bogdana found out that in Southgate Station, where all children go to pick up the bus home and which is 4-5 minutes away from school, there are at least 10 fast foods. The number of children entering those fast foods is warring, 70% of the children waiting for the bus go in to buy chips, hamburgers and all sorts of junk food.

Karolis went to do research in Enfield's erea of Seven Sisters. It showed that 37 students aged 9-14 out of 70 (53%) who were walking home alone got some junk food on their way back. Knowing that the fast food places arent just near the school its a rather concerning number.

Next week's agenda:

Everyone should bring these to next week's meeting

  • Have the logo figured out;
  • Brought the research and the statistics and discuss them;
  • Come up with new ideas of making our campaign known;
  • Think about the letter that we'll write to the council; ( I have found Joe's Draft Letter)

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