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Eat Smart, Keep Fit Campaign HomeEdit

We are a group dedicated to healthier eating for children (whether they like it or not!) and although some measures have already been taken and proved successful (thank you Jamie Oliver) we feel that there is a lot more work that can be done.

We understand that what children eat influences their life-long eating habits. Children who associate healthy food with a healthy lifestyle will be at an advantage. The seeds of chronic illnesses are sown during childhood-teaching children healthy exercise and eating habits go hand to hand, helps them to reach their full potential.

Currently we are trying to pressure the local council and then the government to prohibit the selling of junk food to school children during school hours while wearing their school uniforms.

There are measures in place that prevent the selling of alcohol and cigarettes to young people because these are deemed as dangerous. However there are no precautions to prevent the selling of unhealthy and junk food to children despite the excess consumption of these being equally as dangerous.

This is where we come in...

You can follow our campaign as it unfolds here.

Minutes PageEdit

You can see what we've discussed at each meeting through our minutes here.

Research DossierEdit

You can see what information we've gathered that drives our campaign here.

What's HappeningEdit

You can see what action we are currently taking here.