Apologies for not attending the meeting today from Zakaria Hussein and XiaoQianZhang (she had to be in overseas visitors records office)

Today we

  • discussed how we are progressing
  • fixed the day for the main event of our campaign - Saturday 9th of April
  • decided that we will collect signatures on our website (will appear soon on wiki page) as well as on the streets on 9th of April (we also need some help from other volunteers)
  • decided to write an email to Tesco with our request to change their politics and ask our supporters to send Tesco the same email (Helena will write the template)
  • realised that we have to create not a FB group, but community and start to promote our campaign

Maria will make a poster and flyers. Zak and Stephen will finish the website. All we will work on completing our wiki page.

MariaBarsukovaMDX 02:30, March 23, 2011 (UTC)