Present: MariaBarsukova, HelenaKorge, XiaoQianZhang, ZakariaHussein, StephenHenry

What we did

After a week of reasearch we came up with the conclusion that the information about the chosen topic, which can be found in the Internet, is not up-to-date. And we have no idea what is happening now. So we decided to a little bit change the main issue of the campaign. Our seminar tutor suggested that we may do smth with local sweatshops. The results of our brief discussion Helena will post on our wiki page.

For the next week

Now in very short term we have to go through all the stages from the very beggining: make a research, think about the main issue, target, aim and key message. Also we are going to rename our team.

The parts of the reserch dossier, which we have to publish on wiki by the next week, remain the same as we decided earlier. (see Week 15 - Anti Sweatshop Group)

MariaBarsukovaMDX 19:56, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

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