Present: MariaBarsukova, HelenaKorge, XiaoQianZhang, ZakariaHussein, StephenHenry

Today we finally put our campaign strategy together and I think everyone was pleased with it.
In this week's seminar, we discussed mostly about research dossier and determined who is going to do what for our research.We actually did a drawing to play a fair game, so basically

Maria will explore about the background of the issue and also why is it important to people and to ourselves.
We thought that this might be the largest topic, so we all try to help her if she may need some.

Stephen is going to investigate and interpret key facts and tries to link them to the problem.

XiaoQian go the third part of the research and she will search for other groups that are doing similar things and find out if we can maybe benefit from it.

I(Helena) am examining how we could bring a change for better to our issue. Furthermore, if we could find a good way to carry these changes out.

Zuck will be our main editor, so he's job would be to make our text as flowing as possible.
He will also help Maria( because her topic is wider than anyone else's) and everyone else if needed.

Of course, we all have to discuss everything through, before we can put all this information together, but now we are all just doing our own thorough study( hopefully)

MariaBarsukovaMDX 00:08, February 12, 2011 (UTC)

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XiaoQianZhangMDX 22:46, February 16, 2011 (UTC)