These are the questions we will ask the young people when we get out there to talk to them.

The first question will be asked at the beginning and at the end of the session to gauge the impact of our interration with them.

We can make this to be like a contest where by we divide them into two groups to compete between themselves and we promise them gifts so as to make the session interesting and more inrerractive.

They are some hard quesions, some may not be rellevant, so look at them and add any other possible questions we may require.

  1. How many people love politics (open)
  2. How many people want to become politicians in future? (open)
  3. What do you know about politics?/ Why is politics important to you? (open)
  4. In which council is your school? (open)
  5. Which political party does your councilor belong? (open)
  6. Who is the local member of parliament? (open)
  7. Which age has ever been the youngest in parliament in the UK? (Jo Swinson, at 28 in 2001)
  8. How does one become a member of the House of Lords? (By appointment)
  9. How does one become a member of the House of Commons? (By election)
  10. How many MPs are there in the House of Commons? (650, male MPs are 550 and female MPs 144)
  11. Name the three major political partues in the UK. (Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democratic Party.)
  12. Which two parties form the coalition government? (Conservative and Labour)
  13. Who is the leader of Labour party? (Ed Miliband)
  14. Who was the youngest queen of England? (Mary Queen of Scots, at only 6 days in 1542)
  15. Who was the youngest king of England? (King James 1 who became king at only 3 months old)