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written and posted by sam wood
attended ; joseph, woody, andie, ade

  • we share and discuss the research we have gathered.
  • as a group we discuss meeting up on wednesday as most of us have a day off on that day.
  • Andie mentions visiting local school to speak to kids in person, and to gather information on their point of view on bullying.
  • questions we want to raise; Who knows some who has been bullied? What do you think of bullying? What do you consider to be bullying?
  • as a group we decide to directly look at the bully rather than the victim. (and consider the help or councilling that should be given)
  • myself and Andie decide to focus on why people bully others and their motives behind it.
  • Joseph and Ada are going to contact charities and find out what work is being done in the local area.
  • We decide to meet up on monday after the lecture instead of wednesday.

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