ADHD known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a medical problem. ADHD use to be referred to as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). In 1994 it was renamed ADHD. The term ADD is now used solely to describe a type of ADHD that doesn’t involve hyperactivity.

ADHD normally begins form childhood, sometimes it’s not diagnosed until a person is a teen and occasionally not until they reach adulthood. The common symptoms found in those with ADHD are:

:Attention difficulties – Poor concentration and poor working memory. They will often be very forgetful, distractible and are usually disorganised. They have difficulty settling down and will appear to get bored very easily.
:Hyperactivity – Overactive and restless behaviour, including fidgeting or moving about. They may also be noisy and talkative.
:Impulsiveness – Acting before thinking, often interrupting conversations, talking out of turn and intruding on others. They will have difficulties in waiting or taking their turn in group situations.


We want support to help people recognise these drugs being prescribed can have detrimental affects to these kids. It’s a difficult decision for parents as they have a lot to deal with and must come up with a decision whether to give there children these drugs. If there was more support from schools and the government then perhaps there would be more of an option for these parents to choose from. It all seems too easy to just fob these kids of with harmful drugs than just solving the situation. We want parents in particular to be aware what these drugs contain and want doctors to explain if there are such side affects why would you give it to children, who don’t truly understand there actions. This is unfair as children aren’t given the choice to overcome this themselves they aren’t harming themselves what they are being punished for is being an inconvenience to people and being labelled as having behavioural problems when in fact they are just different and need more attention than most.

MaurhysPhillips 10:39, February 14, 2011 (UTC)