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Student Protests by Sandra BialikEdit

Recent events

  • student protest over tuition fees.
Almost every one of us knows about and probably took part in recent protest in London. It’s seems that our strong actions and courage to stand and manifest for our rights met unexpected reaction from the press suggesting that we aggressive and vulgar.

We see two sides of this story.

Most of us went there to manifest in a good atmosphere, show that we care so we would be heard by the government and seen by public hoping it might change its mind and see that it is a serious matter for us students. Approached by our teacher we’ve stranded in the crowd. For the first time in my life I attended such event and I’ve never seen so many young people united in one. It all went peacefully and with relief I went home to upload taken pictures and discuss the day with fellow colleagues. No one suspected at the time that the whole manifesto would take such a dramatic turn.

Interesting article click HERE Press was furious with scandalous behaviour and full of pictures of burned properties and street fights between police and the crowd. I think no one predicted it would end up with many people arrested, harmed and fire extinguishers flying from the roofs into an innocent crowd!

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Within next few days We would witness an actual acts of violence and crowds no longer marching with peaceful intention but people trying to get into a fight thinking not about the whole purpose of that gathering but simply looking for an occasion to bit someone. I myself would occasionally pass random strangers running across leicester square hiding from the police claiming they are protesting students where in fact they were people looking for a little bit of fun and a reason to brake and burn things.

Unfortunately for future students this will have a huge impact and most of them will abandon leave dreams about higher education because of the fee raise.

Was there any way of preventing such event ? I don’t know answer to that.

Did somewhere along the way we forgot why we went to the protest in the first place? Or was it a press suicide to organise such a major event without knowing it might end up pretty bad.

But I will with all honesty say that raising our awareness and making POLITICS more fun and interesting, would definitely have more impact on younger generations and would create social desire for knowledge on the subject.