Janet Djan

here is Hackney growing community's information:

020 7502 7588

Growing Communities, The Old Fire Station, 61 Leswin Road, London N16 7NX

It wasnt easy! but i got it :( i begged and begged them and they realised how desperate i wanted to show the world our alternatives!... (yeah well not really, their info is at the bottom of their website :'D)

Tom Stock

Here's my basic idea regarding the promotion of alt ctrl del:

  • Within the next 3 weeks the first of 3 viral videos ('alt') will be posted online (youtube, facebook and to everyone we have emails for). Then the second viral ('ctrl') a week later and then the third ('del') a week after that with a simultaneous online lauch of the website (which Philipp brought for £25, maybe we should all chip in a few quid??). The final viral will end with a link to our website -
  • After the site has launched we can start planning activities for awareness. As disscussed we could do petitions to justiy our cause, tasting tables to show the alternatives and the acidity tests to alert people. It all sounds like alot of work but there's 7 of us so we can all work together and do the jobs that we're happy to do. By doing the event/events can get our photo in the paper then we can easily prove our campagn has been successful in reaching and informing a wide demographic about our cause. Plus we can have a laugh doing it.
  • The above is just a suggestion so we can discuss and change things as we go and develop the campaign

Philipp Sandmann

  • I have been abe to talk to the Professor that wrote the book about alternative cancer treatment. Within the next few days I will receive a couple of sample books, some also in English.
  • The books contain information about how to develop a healthy diet, how to prevent cancer in the first place, treat it in an alternative way etc.
  • I thought we could maybe put the books on our stand during the campaign and use them as 'professional information material' for the people that pass by.
  • We could even make a 'lottery' and the winners get a book for free?? Because I can get about 20 books if needed, also in English
  • As you know I have bought the website. Now we just need someone to make it look good :)