Week 14 - Tuesday 1st February 2:00- 3:30pmEdit

Group members:

Natalie Zito, Dale Turner , Janet Djan , Philipp Sandmann, Aivars Akis, Thomas Stock , Alethea Tshabane


SEX- Diseases awareness from unprotected sex

POLITICS- Student cuts/ raising Uni fees

CANCER- Foods that cause cancer

Concluded Topic:

CANCER; cancer awareness; Unhealthy foods which increase chances of cancer; alternative foods which help decrease chances of cancer

Redbull- ginger & carrots

Local food stores that sell season food in the area Possible name for Campaign- ALT (food alternatives)

Possible catch phrase- find ALT (alernatives), CTRL (control) your eating and DEL (delete) acidic foods which help the growth of cancer in your system

Research; next week

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