Drug advisor, David Nutt: Alcohol more harmful than LSD

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Binge drinking clips

Because our campaign is focusing on an era which is most common on teenagers we thought we could look at Youtube videos endorsing the fact that Binge Drinking isnt good for you. Using these videos it gives us an idea of how to advertise our campaign and persuade University Students like ourselves that not to stop drinking all together but to drink in moderation. (VCCP-Binge Drinking ad-male version) by blogtillyoudrop.

thumb|left|300px (VCCP-Binge Drinking ad-female version)-by blogtillyoudrop.


In this video is shows part 1 of a tv show called 'World's Strictest parents-Kenya', although not all of the video complements what our campaign entails, but for the first half shows the lives of many British teenagers who drinks, has sex and cause mayhem and they are transported to another country for discipline. (World Strictest Parents-Kenya,(part 1 of 6))

-by FILTHofUK666