About WikisEdit

Wikis let you share ideas or collectively organise information in a way that is useful. They are openly editable webpages. This means that anyone can edit the pages of the wiki, from the page itself.

In our case you need a log in that has been made in advance.

(This log in is tied to your email address and follows the format: FirstnameLastnameMDX where your name is how it appears on misis. This is so we can search for your name easily when it comes to assessment.)

Wikis tend to look messy, that's ok most of the time, but you may want yours to look nice. Being able to use them, and use them well, will be a highly useful skill for work (and for life)

Wikia: Overview and How We’ll Use ItEdit

Wikia serves several purposes:

  • It a collaborative portal for the campaigning half of the module each tutor will have their own section to manage with their groups within that
  • It is an organisational tool for running your groups
  • It is a record keeping tool
  • It is a collaborative document authorship tool
  • It is the evidence you use for your assessment

OWN THE WIKI – The more of you that use it, and the more each user uses it, the more useful it will be to everyone. This is called “critical mass” the point at which I can stop managing the site and it takes on a life of its own. Lots of help and advice is available here:

LinksEdit The worlds biggest encyclopedia is a wiki. This also links to wikipedia

(In edit mode, highlight the link text and click the link button to see how that works)

This is a link to the video that was on the homepage Wikis in Plain English

This is an interview with the founder of Wikipedia Jimbo Wales