How do teachers relate to and help those with ADHD?

ADHD is becoming more recongizable within schools and nowadays teachers are being trained to deal with ADD/ADHD children in their lessons. It is important that these children are not being outcaste from their peers but are being encouraged to get actively involved in normal everyday activities within the classroom. However structure and environmental factors do come into place when considering their needs, and there are many ways to effectively control their behavior;


Being organised and ready is key to helping a young developing ADHD child, there are many methods you can use, some of which are:

  • keeping a daily timetable, so the child knows what need to be done on each day- this will keep them on track and make them feel less lost and confused
  • structure their break times, and have an activity ready for them to do when playtime comes along- this will keep them alert and make them feel like part of the classroom
  • making visual posters and golden rules for them to follow- this will lead to less confusion and help them throughout the day

The required classroom setup

ADD/ADHD children dont have the same concetration or focus as the regular child so an efficient classrom set-up is vital for them.

  • Make sure the child is seated at the front of the classroom where he/she can focus better with minimal distraction from peers
  • If seating is close to surrounding peers make sure they are sittin next to children who do tend to focus better in class, this will set them a good example and they may follow suit
  • Make sure there are no big colourfull posters or hanging objects as this could distract them

Nataliec14:10, February 15, 2011 (UTC)