Alternative to drugs

The medications that Doctors are prescribing ADHD patience are drugs that contain Adderall, Concerta and Ritalin. These drugs in particular have warning risks that need to be taken into consideration such as hallucinations, heart attacks which can then lead to even patience can have unwanted reactions such as decreased appetite, insomnia, a loss in weight, abdominal pains and personality fluctuations. Scientists have yet to validate these drugs, this however is not fact that these drugs do not work!

Alternatives suggested

An Elimination diet

This diet is quite self-explanatory. A piece of food will be eliminated from the diet over a period of time to see if any effects or changes occur in the patient’s behaviour.

Herbal supplements

There are some herbal supplements that have a calming effect that herbal shops advice. Theses are:

St. Johns Wort


Herbal therapy




Vitamins & Minerals

It has come to light that ADHD children are deficient in key vitamins and minerals. These are:

Vitamin B6



Zinc The Journal of the Paediatric Clinics of North America written in 2007 has stated that ADHD children can obtain Omega-3, which is well known for its improvement of brain functionality can be found in fish and fish oil.

Homeopathic Remedies

The most popular Homeopathic treatments are:



Abd Hyoscyamus Stramonium

These were used to help combat physical aggression, post-traumatic stress disorder and the heightened feelings of fears.

In October 1997, an article was published in the British Homeopathic Journal. This study showed the effects of some children with ADHD being given Homeopathic treatments and others a placebo for a course of 10 days. It came to attention that the children that were given the Homeopathic treatment had a reduction of their ADHD symptoms then the other children who had taken the placebos.

Two months later this research was reviewed. It was apparent that 57% of the homeopathic treated children continued to improve even though they hadn’t followed through with the treatment. By the time the follow-up was in need, 24% of the children deteriorated while the 19% left were positively improving while continuing the treatment.


Biofeedback is the use of mind control. Electrodes worn on the children’s heads enable the children to control video games. This is produced via the children using the part of the brain, which they use to focus. This has been a good alternative seeing as the treatment is very pleasurable for the children and improvements have been seen as stated in the Journal of Neaurotherapy, as much as 86% showed enormous improvement in speed, impulses, and information processing. It also helped to reduce some of the symptoms associated with ADHD such as bed-wetting, nightmares, depression and seizures. (Family Education, 2008)


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