Minutes 07/02/11

Present: Minh Thuy Bui, Aniela Cristurean, Marta Dubrowolska, Jipsa George, Tonje Teigland, Gordon Irving

Absent: Laurentia Sili, Marta Dubrowolska

Campaign decisions:

As we discussed in last weeks seminar we had planned to go with the recycling campaign, focusing on the flats above the Enfield shops which do not have any form of recycling scheme. However, with further research we came to know that the council have looked into it and planned to solve the issue by 2012. But we decided we will go ahead with this campaign, trying to speed up the process and ofcourse to raise awareness of recycling.

We also discussed how to set out the Research Dossier and spilt the tasks in the group which is as follows

Introduction : Jipsa George

Research: To be contributed by all group members.

Who else is involved : Tonje Teigland.

All research and allocated tasks must be completed in the first week. In the second week, we will put togther the research dossier. If any changes or amendments to be made we shall do that then and produce a final and finished copy of the document by week 2.

JipsaGeorgeMDX 21:45, February 7, 2011 (UTC)