Before Ibegan the reasearch I thought anerxia was a problem for doctors but clinics are more confidential for people to attend to talk about their issues without worrying that someone will judge them. If the situation   becames serious it would only then become a concern to doctors

last week I attended a local clinic and spoke to a Doctor which the Doctor explained what anorexia is and how young girls become anorexic:


.Peer Pressure

Family Pressure



.Fashion Industry


I found out that its mostly teenage girls from the age of 13-19 that become anerxic because of puberty and it also happens to homosexual boys. In this society of celebritys also become anorexic to try to fit The perfect label, because of this young girls feel like they have to look that way to be perfect. Celebritys set a bad example to younger girls.

In some cases anorexia is not that that bad but sometimes they will attend hospitals to talk to doctors and nutritionists for medications and diet plans, they join social groups and work shops. Some people are not confident enough to do it on their own so they will have to attend meditation centre for help.

I researched that alot of girls that nearly and some that were actually anorexic because of relationships, eating disorder,people putting them down because they dont like the way they look and they want them to look a certain way, and nearly made them committ suicide. Girls that become anorexic stop eating fast food, taking weight loss pills,exercise more regularly,become vegetarians, having a fluid diet only drinking than eating. as I see Anorexia is more of a mind disease making the person paranoid about what people think of them and I feel that some girls are weak to let people go far to destroy them. Bullying is a very comman problem in the uk and a lot of kids have commited suicided because they are depressed so they have become unhealthy and stopped eating which is killing them slowly.

AnoukBeijleveldMDX 13:59, February 21, 2011 (UTC)